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mini music making on the move music & movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschool children in Wimbledon, south west London & north Surrey

Jiggle & Jam's Jigglers class

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Our Jigglers class (babies aged 5-16 months) enables your baby to experience the joy & developmental benefits of music and movement through songs, nursery rhymes and baby yoga-inspired actions, swings & holds with instruments, scarves, bubbles & more!
Each class lasts 40 minutes.

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Move & Sing - we start by sitting on the floor, warming up our muscles and voices with songs & rhymes and gentle actions to get your baby's arms, legs & body moving to the music.

Walk & Swing - using special, safe holds, we then walk around the room gently swinging, swaying or 'flying' your baby in time with our singing. High entertainment value for parents and babies alike!

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Explore on the floor - we then encourage your baby to crawl, explore or enjoy tummy time with props, toys & finger puppets or parachute while we sing rhymes & songs linked to a weekly theme.

Jiggle & Jam - then it's time for some 'freestyle' jamming to a few lively numbers with an array of instruments, drums & shakers to play....or chew!

Bubbles & 'Boo!' - we then enjoy peek-a-boo songs with colourful scarves, before rounding off with a quieter numbers & our ever-popular bubbles.

Some songs & rhymes feature each week, while others chop & change. Expect an enjoyable mixture of traditional nursery rhymes, less well-known children's songs & original songs by J&J founder Vici Hoban Read. So there are always both familiar favourites to get stuck into & super new songs to learn!

When your baby is confidently & independently walking AND at least 14 months old, they are welcome to move up to our Jammers class.
If your baby is aged over 16 months & not yet walking, it is fine to continue with Jigglers.

"Jiggle & Jam is great fun - Sophie has blossomed in the 3 months that we have been coming and she loves interacting with all the other kids. The mixture of sitting down and physical moves is just right!" - Claire, mum to Sophie

"I highly recommend Jiggle & Jam. The classes are full of songs and actions which Benjamin loves and now recognises, anticipating what will come next with great big smiles and gurgles!" - Emily, mum to Benjamin

"Jiggle and Jam' has been a weekly highlight for both my daughters since they were babies. The welcome is always warm, the atmosphere relaxed and the singing and dancing exuberant! The clear structure of the class is reassuring to the little ones yet each week there will be something different thrown in to the mix - a new song, prop or instrument, which the children and parents always respond to with great gusto! The pace of the classes keeps the babies wide eyed and beaming and even the most distracted toddler enthralled - which is why the sessions are so popular with parents and littlies alike. We love Jiggling and Jamming in our house - and with my youngest daughter now approaching school age, we will be sad to leave these classes behind." - Jane, mum to Bea & Eliza

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